The greatest revolution in history would be if 50% of Americans who claim to have committed their lives to Christ would turn and begin to follow Jesus. - Paul Cedar It no longer about rules. It's no longer about regulations. It's no longer about how long our devotions are, or how long we can fast for. It's not about whether we shake when the holy spirit comes upon us, or whether we speak in tongues. It's not about using eloquent language or having lengthy moving prayers. It's not about shouting or dancing or sitting or laying down. It's not about what we can do.

John 15:5 5"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

It's about the depth of his Love. It's about understanding that he is radically in love with you. It's about understanding that he is radically in love with me. It's about understanding that it is because of that love that he moves.

I spent some time downtown last night. We practiced listening to God by seeking out a specific someone he told us about. We had names, shirt colors, types of shorts, hair color and locations. It's incredible to me, and I don't think I fully grasp it yet, that God loves that person so much that he would tell someone else their name, location and description just so that they could hear the depths of his love. The night flew by with no luck for our team. We were spot on in some instances, but we didn't find the man we were looking for. During debrief we heard some awesome stories about how God met people - and then the crowd thinned. A hand full of us hung around just chatting and enjoying the night. When we had gotten down to around 7 of us a couple loud, and obviously inebriated, fellas walked past. One of the guys in our group over hears him say something about getting into a fight with a wall and how he thought he broke his hand. Our guy gets his attention, tells him he over heard him and that he is confident that God wants to heal his hand, and asks if he can pray for him. The guy emotionally vomits on him, in his intoxicated state, and agrees. In the interim  6 or 7 other people roll up and park themselves on the stone wall,  all of whom are drunk, smoking and loud. Brysen and I chat Idly with one of the guys (the loudest and most crude) while Matt and Jeff pray for the other guy. Needless to say the guys hand gets healed, and hes like "woah". I can't remember how long we were down there with these guys hanging out, but it was quite a while. After about thrity minutes another fella with a huge V scar on his chest rolls up. He offers Matt a shot and Matt says, "na man.. You want a shot?". "Oh, you got some? What do you have?". Matt laughs and says in all honesty and seriousness, "I have something that will get your more drunk than you've ever been, you interested?" The guys says yes, and the rest is history. "Woah man.. this is heavy...This shit is for real!....You guys weren't kidding", was the result of their prayer. Come to find out, after the fact, that the guy whose hand was healed is the Gang leader of this group of "juggalos", followers of the insane clown posse.

It's hard to explain how I feel when I think about what happened last night. I know it was huge - and I see that God did great things, but that's not what struck me the most, it's almost insignificant in my mind. I was hanging out with a gang, most of which were intoxicated and brash.. but that's not what I see when I think about the events of the night. I see a handful of broken people, some seeking, some scared.

I saw the beginning of a truth invasion to a group of people who are radically loved. I didn't see a project. I didn't see an opportunity. I didn't see an agenda. I saw a handful of people who have carry truth, and a handful of people seeking and the result of that union.

Movements are like this. They are grassroots, often underground, and they start with crazy people who are willing to believe in the impossible. Movements never start in corporate offices with executives drawing up a master plan...if we truly want to see the world changed, we must begin as a band of madmen, welcoming other crazy people who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. - neil cole

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