we are created for an epic story.

Every little girl and boy grows up loving stories of daring rescue and happily ever afters. We are drawn to epic tales of adventure and risk. We are sucked into the struggles of selfless sacrifice and unyielding passion. We cheer when our hero's stand up for the broken, the bruised and the unworthy. We ache with them through the loss and grief. We burn alongside them as they persevere. It's no wonder we are captivated. We are created for it. Every fiber of our being is stitched through and through with the tale of selfless love and sacrifice.

I saw the hunger games tonight, and it was phenomenal, and one of the previews was for the Hobbit. Aside from my love for this particular story, I'm going to get vulnerable here and admit that I cried. I cried because every part of me burns and aches to be wrapped up in such a theme of persistence, bravery, honor, courage and comradery.

Every fiber of my being cries out because I know I am made for it. Even as I write this I know words are not enough to express how my soul burns for each of us to wake up and see the story that is right before our eyes (even myself! WAKE UP SOUL!). Do you wonder why you are so drawn to the strength and valor of those men? Do you wonder why your skin tingles at the sight of them rushing into battle? Because you are made for it. Take up your arms. Answer the call. See the King, the Prize, The one worth fighting for and dive headlong into the battle.

Words are not enough - and that is one of the many reasons I am passionate about film and imagery. Words are powerful yes, but visualization whispers to the soul. So let yourself be moved tonight. Let yourself sink into the realization that you are created in the image of someone brave and noble. Allow yourself to be moved by epic themes. Allow the man and woman of justice to war cry inside your heart, allow the strong one inside of you to fortify your defenses.

Break free of this apathy and complacency and rise up, you who are made for victory! for valor! stand tall you who wander. Step into your birthright you who have been given the keys. You're made for it, so be it.