What is I saw, and felt? What if I listened?


What if these people had faces, What if these bodies were warm? What if we took a moment to see, and feel, and listen?What if we loved like the sky? Endless, open? What if we loved like the sea? Wild, reckless?

I think I'd like to be quiet and calm, like a mountain lake - securely dwarfed by the towering peaks of strength and might, set back against the emerald greens of life, and in serenity and tranquility finding in myself the ability to listen.


I've ridden my sky blue & wholly beautiful, birthday present to work four times now. 7 miles I glide, each direction, and tonight it was glorious in that cool September breeze. From neighborhoods, to industrial, past trader joes and fast food joints and straight into the heart of midtown I find myself. Tonight I found myself in absolute awe as I rode up to a red light and came to a rest. Before me a multitude of cars zoomed past, and I found myself trying to catch a glimpse of each person in each car. I got dizzy. There were stout, balding business men, a woman who looked trapped in the 60s, young, old, blond, brown.. I got lost in the flurry of semi's, smart cars and motorbikes - and all at once I was overwhelmed with how absolutely unaware I am of the incredible depth and beauty that is in my every day - the PEOPLE of my everyday.

I work in a cafe; a vegan cafe, so... I see a lot of colorful people during my shifts, and I love it. I love every moment, but I would be lying if I said I didn't take for granted the beauty of each person who came in - it occurred to me, on that busy road as I felt dwarfed by the magnitude of who we are as a people, as individual stories and breath. As singular creatures driven by dreams and desires and hopes that we share with others, that our existence brushes up against others. We share the same air. The same space, the same atoms and molecules. and yet we often go without seeing one another... truly seeing.

So what would it look like for us to stop, if just for a second, and really see the person in front of us. To ask ourselves what is beautiful about that person. To allow ourselves to really feel something for them. To actually listen. Maybe that person would be changed, or maybe... just maybe... we'd be changed ourselves.