That Magic Moment: Choosing Your Dreams


The last week or so I have been tinkering with the idea turning WildFolk back into a personal venture and regrouping with my other passions. As I begin to rearrange sections of my website and write new copy for the blog I find myself worried about what people will think. I shy away from your judgement, what you might think of me and my desire to make known my art and my thoughts.

I admit that I am somewhat haunted by the echoes of my past, judgements and negativity, but worse, the dialogue I've created for those around me. More often than not I find myself creating the negative space of doubt and scrutiny around myself, assuming it's what people think. I count myself out on behalf of you, before the flag is even dropped.

We are our greatest ally and can be our greatest enemy.

I'd like to believe that you are for me, as I am for you. It's imperative for progress-- and I must move forward. Today holds so much opportunity, why waste that? Why allow others to dictate your journey?

Say yes to yourself.
Say yes to your dreams and watch us, those running in the same direction, come around you and see you soar.