Gear Review: Scarpa Origin

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Yo. Forget everything I said before about shoes (just kidding, the mythos are rad) I’ve found my new favorites. These Scarpa’s are the jaaaaaam. Seriously, they fit my feet like a glove and the velcro is my new favorite. They also warm up quick, and are totally breathe-able.

When I bought them I opted for the larger size (my left foot is half a size bigger than my right) to keep my left foot from going numb, and oddly enough the shoe feels great on both feet. Another thing I noticed, and loved, was that the back of the shoe comes up around my hell but doesn’t pinch like some of the other shoes.

All that to say, if you’re looking for a great all around shoe (FO REAL, THESE BABIES FELT AMAZING IN CRACKS, and I crush in the gym with em) check out the Scarpa Origin shoe.

@Tony Lima

@Tony Lima