S A N F R A N C I S C O, C A

- sightglass coffee -


The city was overcast, exactly how I like it; just warm enough to wear sandals, just cool enough to wear jeans. The familiar city sounds drew a nostalgia from within me, intertwining with the cool ocean air. I caught myself thinking that perhaps I'd like to live here sooner rather than later in life.

Entering Sightglass felt like wandering into a greenhouse of sorts. An alchemists den, a roasters paradise, with it's vaulted ceilings and skylights. An eclectic group of men to our left, decorated with facial piercings and differing hair lengths, laughed as they made marks on their clip-boards and continued to package what we would soon find out was their in-house roast, ready to be shipped out all over the world. Above us a multitude of hipsters and city folk worked in the spacious loft to the hum of their neighbors chatter and the churning of the roaster.

The wait was short, and we watched with intrigue as the Barista drew our blend into a beautiful, swirled delight, served us and then moved onto his next order with ease. There was so much to take in, from the stocked bakery case, to the ceramic mugs, and so much we wanted to take with us. Settling ourselves at the wrap around bar, with a good view of the roasting station, we decided that enjoying our coffee and a good, long chat would be quite enough for us. 

Next time you find yourself in San Fran, don't hesitate to check out Sightglass Coffee.



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