Three Ways to Ground Your Space

Let me start off by saying: I love design as much as the next pinterest-phile. AND I am also aware of my current not-so-young-and-wealthy reality. So for the sake of this write up I’m going to assume that you, like me, have not struck young-riches, but that you still desire to inhabit an inspiring space. Remember: simple things paired correctly create great impact.

I think we can all agree that a grounded space is crucial to productivity-- and sanity, can I get an amen? A grounded space is a place that promotes a sense of calm and content. Where busy can be put on the back burner and where rest resides. Deep breaths are not foreign here.

Because both my work and my mood are affected by my surroundings, I rate space-making pretty high on the list of life-priorities. The good news is, creating a bad-ass space is simply a matter of taking it one step at a time. Consider the possibilities of your current space, define your style (know what you like— and what you don't), and then shoot for the stars! It doesn’t take much to make a place feel like home.

PRO TIP: Game plan the shit out of your dream-space. Without an approachable plan, I’ve found my long term style goals spin out. I’m ADHD, what do you want from me— Make a list, or a style board! get your creative on. It’s ok to dream! 

Here are a few ways to easily ground your space



1. Minimalism

For the busy creative minimalism is king. My mind moves at 100mph most of the time so it is important for my space to oppose that. I like to have a clean work-space and surroundings that promote focus. 

Take some time this week to consider the things around you, and perhaps free yourself of dead weight. It's okay to put things where you can't see them for the sake of creative-white-space.

2. Plants

Plants make everything better. Period. Call me crazy, but I think they subconsciously relieve stress. And if you don’t believe that, here, believe NASA: 

“NASA researchers suggest efficient air cleaning is accomplished with at least one plant per 100 square feet of home or office space.” – NASA Clean Air Study

If you are anything like me, though, you are going to need a few that are un-killable-- lucky for you I wrote a guide.

3. Intention and Story

It's important to fill your space intentionally and with items that have a story. When you surround yourself with things that mean something you are constantly connecting and revisiting good vibes throughout the day, even subconsciously. And when you place those items intentionally-- pairing them with other items, colors, etc-- you multiply the impact they have.

Being intentional and finding/curating items with story and meaning also lend to the minimalism I mentioned above. We tend to keep less 'layin' around' when we are being intentional and considering the positive value of each item. It doesn't mean that everything has to go, or that everything has to have deep sentimental value. All I'm saying is surround yourself with things that bring beauty, positive connection and inspiration into your life.


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& as always, stay wild xx