a glimpse of eternity.

what is it about those last moments that inspired you to create life?what was it about knowing you wouldn't live forever that arose in you a need to nurture. what beauty did you see in the living dirt beneath your knees.. was it when you thought today might be the day that you surrounded yourself with your castle?

was it a subconscious word you chose? or did the idea of grand halls and beautiful dresses stir your heart? was the promise of the king enough to pull you through those dark times?

on that last day, surrounded by beautiful colors, given life by your hand, with closed drawers and muted speech, I imagine you dancing your way along the marble floors. Your dress to touch is that of your favorite bloom.

Castle. I don' t believe it was by chance that amidst your frustration you found this word. I don't believe it was by chance.

I believe that on that final day, when your spirit was released, You. In all your beauty. Plucked your favorite color from your dirt box, donned your radiance and dances along the halls of glory. I believe that when you stepped into the courtroom, and held out the beautiful life you'd cultivated in those troubled times (as an offering) the King caught you in his gaze and held you there,

in that moment for the rest of eternity.

Eternity. Eternity in the castle that you spent your last days building. Eternity with a King who could not love you more if he wanted to. Eternity with that beautiful color of nurture.