it's so much more than we know.

I lie here beneath an endless sky, so full of opportunity, equally endless. My soul searches for something to grasp onto, something solid, something true and I find nothing to balance my increasingly wobbly stance. there is one truth, the anchor for my soul (suddenly that phrase takes on new meaning).

outside of that I am boundless, free, wild, unhindered to breathe and allow the breath of eternity, the breath of existence to wash over my skin - to renew my soul.

earth below me, sky above me. I am sandwiched in this life by beauty and raw being. language! where is the language for my soul? where are the words for this life? communication hits a wall. expression is not enough.


set me free. release me into the language of the universe, the breathe of the world, the hum of nature, the depth of intelligence. I speak so unlike you. I hear so unlike you. I string word and deed together so unlike you.

guide my hands, position my fingers, mobilize my arm to the dance and stroke of your speech.