sometimes I miss the rain – then it pours. sometimes I miss my family – then I receive a letter. sometimes I feel lost – then I'm adopted. sometimes I feel empty – then I'm swept up in a crowd.

sometimes I fight – then I realize I'm helpless. sometimes I quit – then I realize my importance. sometimes I run – then I realize I'm headed in the wrong direction. sometimes I scream – then I realize the noise.

sometimes I wonder if there is a point – then I paint the answer. sometimes I wonder when life will slow down – then I put my arms out an relish the rush. sometimes I wonder when I'll be on familiar land again – then I remember life is an adventure.

Sometimes it's enough to just exist & Sometimes I can't seem to find my voice. Sometimes I feel like the wind & Sometimes I don't want to budge. Sometimes I'll paint you in colors & Sometimes I'll smear you in Grays.

Sometimes is never enough. Sometimes is always too soon. Sometimes is often too late.

Sometimes I'll smile and laugh. Sometimes I'll just wait and stare.

Sometimes I need you. Sometimes I'll push you. Sometimes I'll cling. Sometimes I'll swing.

SOMETIMES. SOMETIMEs. SOMETIMes. SOMETImes. SOMETimes. SOMEtimes. SOMetimes. SOmetimes. Sometimes.