the deepest gold I ever did see.

"It's beautiful out here in this meadow. The sun is shining and the breeze is playing a personal symphony through the sea of long grass in which I lay. I am made for this. For horse adventures and outdoor living. I am Wild and Free. Much like the creatures in the forest beyond. Unique and Beautiful. Out here nothing matters. It's all about the sun and the birds and the trees. It's all about the melody that rises from within oneself. The expression of self true to ones nature. Lifes worries and problems are carried far away on the wings of the hawk soaring above me. I lay back amongst the dancing sea of ever shifting color. The poppies sway along the deepest gold I ever did see. I am lost in this moment. I am lost in the freedom I find here in this place. This meadow was made for me. I can feel it. The dirt was destined upon creation for this moment, between my toes. The lengthy, noble stalks of buffalo grass put up no fight but rather bend beneath my weight as if they knew they were made for this. I am Wild. I am Free. And this meadow was made for me".