This little stirring

Image There it is. I felt it again. This little stirring inside my soul. This little pang of life inside my chest. I felt it this time for sure as I gazed upon the thick rays of golden sunshine that drifted lazily through the outstretched arms of greens and browns. I felt my breath catch as I watched the dust dance, their shimmering outfits reflecting the mornings radiance in awe-inspiring patterns, through the light and shadows. I felt my wide eyes plead for more from the great trunks that lined my path. My chest rose before me, my arms limp at my sides as the earth pulled me into itself. My heart beat wild in my chest, my head felt as if it might explode. It seemed as if everything spoke at once in a language I couldn't hear but understood without question, the sun, the moon, the stars, the gentle breath of the morning on my rosy cheeks, it all knew me. It all knew me well.