4 Ways to Supercharge Your Creative Impact


We create because we must. Because if we don't we die. We create to awaken; to evoke change, to shed light on the things that matter to us. But how often do we find ourselves longing for that faceless crowd of appeal, where it's warm; where everyone stands close, reproducing lifeless shells of something that once lived and breathed? We blissfully set aside the truth of the wild: The long distance one must trek. How cold our hands become as we whittle away at the hard exterior of passion. We forget how dark the nights are; the nights that give way to the bright and breathtaking mornings. 

Sometimes we have to revisit that reality; sometimes we have to light up the dead space to make room for the power. The real stuff. The stuff that moves and breathes. And while often it's a difficult process, I prefer to think it's more habit than "hard", so below are 4 ways, or habits, that will supercharge your creative impact. 

1. focus on your own shit

Outside inspiration is fundamental to helping hone and spark your vision, but once you're pointed in the right direction it's time to roll up the windows, dial in your favorite tune and drive, baby. We often think the personal creative process goes inspiration > action > inspiration on loop, but really I think for ourselves it often starts with the action itself. How many times have you forced yourself to sit down and write and after the initial head/desk ritual you find yourself unable to stop? AND how many times have you logged on to "get inspired" and three hours later have accomplished absolutely nothing? It's our own action that brings out our own inspiration. You just have to do it. Focus on what you want to do. Visualize it. And then do it. Fight through the creative block and make something that comes from the depths of you-- not some shallow shadow of someone else's something viral. 

2. find what makes you feel and make that 

It's so important to make things that mean something to you. ART is your vision, your emotion.. what moves and matters to you. The goal is to be a fully functioning, heart-thumping, passion filled, vision-led maker. And that isn't a personality type. Let that which is welled up inside of you pour out in whatever medium you choose, be it paint or fashion or business or film; medicine, law, gaming...there are no limits, boundaries, rights or wrongs here. The power of our life isn't in what we do, it's in the intentionality and vision we allow to drive us in that. 

3. harness vision and release expectation 

Nearly nothing turns out like you think it will, though it's typically better (even if it get's worse first) that anything your human self could conjure up. And that is why we release the expectation of what it should look like, or feel like, or be like. We, in the famous words of Dory, "Just keep swimming." Feel the falls, revel in the highs and journey on. 


Make your choices because YOU are making them. Be an active player in your craft. Remove and reflect if you will. Make space to sit with options, directions, questions and choices. Stay open, and stick to your guns. Say yes or no with intention and be ready to sacrifice for a greater yield. Be true to the things that are deep within you, and believe in the power or your vision.  

go change the world,