Grey Days: The Calm Before Summer

WRITING: Taren Maroun

Summer dances just outside the borders of my Los Angeles existence. It feels like a bit of an angsty dance, something like tug-o-war, as if knowing it should already have full reign over this area. Yet somehow the June-Grey (Why June-Gloom. It's not Gloom, It's fantastic.) has kept it hold on us. I am soaking up every moment of it, draped in my favorite sweater.

Don't get me wrong, I love a sunny day just as much as the next guy, but I like them to be the exception rather than the rule (Yes, I know, I'm probably living in the wrong city as far as weather goes). There is something very still and deep that washes over me on an overcast day. That being said, I know the postponement of summer won't be forever so as a sort of tribute to my favorite type of weather and the beautiful things it represents in my mind I bring you:

Just a few ways to soak up the last of the lingering, overcast days.

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Grey skies are perfect for finding a cafe and a comfy chair, or curling up at home with a good book. The monotone palette of overcast days seems to eliminate any distractions, so kick your feet up, grab a blanket and dive in! Embark on a grand adventure!


On days like these I am more often than not drawn inward. Something about the stillness encourages me to explore the untouched places of my creativity on an emotional level. It's there that I find the most compelling and true stories-- so grab a pen, grab a journal or a blank sheet of paper and let go. Free write, document, or start that novel or screenplay you've been dreaming of.


I love the nature of overcast weather because it leaves me with the feeling of wanting to linger and be still rather than go out and do things. Doing things is fantastic, but there is something beautiful about having a group of friends simply enjoying one another without distraction. We lead such busy lives always moving 100 miles a minuet. Instead, grab a cup of coffee, find a big, cushy couch and enjoy one another-- or get out and go somewhere away from the busy. Either way, be together.


Gathering is great, but so is solo-exploration. There is nothing like finding a place in the wilds (both in your mind and geographically) and simply existing there. Soak up language of the universe. Covet the secrets that ride the wind. Learn and expand. Allow your creativity to take you to new heights. Go for a hike, look out over your city, dream dreams, breathe hope and prepare yourself for the best is yet to come.

. : how do you spend your overcast days? share in the comments!