Earth Day Challenge — N.2: Connect

Hey Guys! Welcome to part two of three of our Good Life Bucket challenge leading up to Earth Day. If you want a quick rundown of what the Good Life Buckets are and what Earth Day is all about you can find it in the first post by clicking here. That said, let's get on with it! 

Our second bucket according to Jonathan is our Connection bucket. He defines our connection bucket as being about how we nourish relationships. This bucket is filled by participating in healthy connection with the world around us; when we give love and receive love without condition; when we feel we belong—we’re seen, understood, and embraced by friends with shared values, interests, and aspirations; when we are connected to something bigger than ourselves, be it natural or ethereal. 

Things, like being intentional with friends and family and making space and time for organic moments are big parts of filling this bucket for me, but another way I've found I feel connected is by finding brands and small-business that share my voice and my values. Life moves fast and there isn't always time to connect intentionally with every single person we meet, but we can sport clothing (and use products) that say the things we want to say. How great is it that we can give our time and our resources, but we can also represent ourselves and spread our message through our clothing.

So, as our earth day challenge is to fill your buckets with things that help drive the message of Earth Day; connection, sustainability, awareness, here are a few brands and small businesses that also help do exactly that! 



I just recently got connected with these guys and I'm such a fan! Their slogan "with you, for you", is something I've been saying for years and seeing it in print makes me so happy! It's the perfect way for me to say "I see you, I'm with you, I believe in you and you're not alone." I'm stoked to get to sport clothing that highlights encouragement and connection. Plus, the crew at Kintigo is always focused on creating a culture of sustainability from start to finish. 

"Most people don't realize how the way they shop can have a negative impact on people and the world. At Kintigo, we make exceptional lifestyle products, care for the people who made them, and with each purchase we give a portion back to incredible causes. So, when you shop with us, you'll be joining a movement of mindful consumers who give a damn and shop with purpose." 

#fuckya #withyouforyou



These dudes are the real MVP. Not only are they making feel-good goods, but they are also doing the work to keep our planet beautiful by hosting and funding their own cleanup efforts. Every purchase from Keep It Wild Co helps fund these local wilderness cleanups, and between now and the end of April (4.30.18), with every purchase, they're throwing in a free DIY Cleanup Kit as an invitation for you to join the community, get outside, and celebrate Mother Earth! And they don't stop there. 

"Keep it Wild is committed to ethical manufacturing. We only work with partners that respect the people they employee and the environment we all enjoy.  Nearly 100% all our clothing is manufactured in WRAP certified facilities."

YES. So. Much. Yes. 



Prana is one of my favorite brands right now, for many reasons. I love that everything they make is high quality, durable and long lasting, but most importantly I love knowing I can trust that their process lines up with my values. It feels good knowing I'm taking on the great outdoors in responsible clothing. 

They seek out materials from sustainable sources, they make sure all of their people are treated fairly and they strive to use processes that IMPROVE their industry, not just get them to the top. They also partner with bluesign® systems to ensure that the fabrics they use meet the highest environmental and human safety standards  by managing the chemical input further upstream to create a holistic system that prevents contamination. 

img @katgaskin



This crew is one of my favorite on IG right now. It's a joy to be scrolling through the gram and stumble upon a quote that reminds me to keep it simple, keep it kind. Their founder Kylee Jo is a little light and through the brand she aims to 'restore faith in humanity by alleviating the struggles of other individuals in the community'. I love that this brand is both a challenge and an invitation.
Hurry to be kind.   



I mean, I've shouted Birks before on this blog because they're definitely my favorite all around sandal, but how cool is it that they're not just comfortable. They're sustainable too. I bet you didn't know that the sole of your Birks was made out of cork which is a natural and sustainable material, one that is reproduced and can therefore be harvested again and again without harming the tree.

For more information on the process go check out their sustainability page.

And while you're at it get yo'self a pair of biiiiiirks. You can thank me later. 


How do you fill your connection bucket? Are there any earth-friendly, connection-focused brands you love? Let me know in the comments! and, as always, stay wild xx

Earth Day Challenge — N.1: Wake up, Get Amongst It.


With earth day right around the corner (April 22, people!) I thought I’d highlight of some of the things that are important to me when it comes to our earth (sustainability, awareness, conservation of lands, etc) but before I do I wanted to give you a quick rundown of what Earth Day is all about. 

Earth day began in 1970 as one of the largest demonstrations in human history. More than 10,000 events engaged 20 million people across America as a call to action on behalf of our planet. Since then Earth Day has evolved into a worldwide, annual event celebrating humankind’s connection to the Earth and has carried its activist roots into the 21st century in an ongoing effort to raise awareness, provide education and create a space for action and change for the environmental challenges we face today.

As I was thinking about how to approach Earth Day this year I felt this frustration with how difficult it often feels to take big ideas such as earth preservation, sustainability and our responsibility in the mix and bring them into actionable terms. But when I asked myself the question of “why is this important to me, and how can I make it accessible/relatable” I was reminded of this framework called The Good life Buckets, which I came across it a while ago. 

The GLB’s were created by this guy Jonathan Fields, and in short “offers a way to look at the life you’re living, quickly and easily access what’s working and what’s not, and instantly know where to focus your energy to make things better; the fuller our buckets, the better our lives.” 

For more about earth day click here. 

So how do we fill our buckets, and how does that relate to Earth Day?

Filling your buckets is easy. You do the things that fulfill the needs each bucket presents. Jonathan outlines our three buckets as Vitality, Connection and Contribution. Each one requires you to take action to fill it, resulting in your happiness and fulfillment in this life. And leading up to Earth Day I'll create a post for each bucket.

So my earth day challenge is this: Fill your buckets with things that help drive the message of Earth Day; connection, sustainability, awareness. 

Bucket N.1
Your Vitality Bucket

Jonothan describes your vitality bucket as being concerned about your optimal state of mind and body. It includes things like taking your energy, fitness, health and mental state into consideration. To fill your vitality bucket you partake in activities that contribute to your well being. He makes note of observing that Vitality isn’t just about our bodies, but about our minds as well! What keeps you feeling optimistic? Grateful and balanced? Those are the things that we want to focus on. 

So, how does that relate to Earth Day? Well, one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves is to, as the Kiwi’s say, Get Amongst It. Get amongst it is a New Zealand colloquial that I was reminded of recently, which in short translates to “just do it, with all of you.” It’s only when we are ‘woke’ to ourselves that we have the ability to give outwardly in a healthy and helpful way. So, if we are to get involved and creating long-lasting change in our lives, the first step is to make sure we are happy and healthy. It's from there that you will be able to better contribute to the world around you!

Here are a few ways you can fill your vitality bucket, in the spirit of Earth Day. 

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is an underrated tool in my humble opinion. Studies actually show that expressing gratitude has physical and psychosocial benefits. We have so much to be grateful for and so often we let it slip by. On days where gratitude seems to be in short supply I start with something small and stupid (I'm thankful for the sun, I'm thankful for my breath, I'm thankful for my car.. you’ll be surprised at how small beginnings grow into deep and meaningful professions of gratitude) and I am always surprised at how it shifts my perspective and attitude. 


Take a second and slow down. Own your reality as it is, and embrace the growth that you know is necessary. Be quiet. Listen. Take your time. Disconnect from your reactivity and learn to operate from a place of balance. 


Get outside! Go enjoy some nature. Move your body and put your energy to good use! Exercise boosts your energy levels and contributes to so many good and healthy processes in your body. What better way to fill your vitality bucket than with a little bit of Mother Nature herself? 


Seems like a no-brainer, but sleep is vitally (ha) important to our well being. Your detox pathways start working, your body naturally reduces your stress and you produce growth hormones which help you repair and rejuvenate. 


and, as always, stay wild xx