Creature Comforts / 1

My mother loved to decorate and her aesthetic weighed heavily into southwest feels. Beige tones, raw materials, ceramics and plants were never in short supply. I've started to see in myself the same love for such things and during a chat + wander with a lovely friend, I couldn't resist the urge to buy this piece when I saw it.

Yes I'm a nomad. And Yes I have an often overwhelming appreciation for beauty. In addition I also have this very confusing desire to nest and to fly, simultaneously, leading me to owning very few things, but things that create a sense of home.

This is about creature comfort; objects and spaces that promote a calm spirit. I hope the collection of images below inspire you. Keep it simple, and be true to you. Let the nomad feel at rest, and wander on.

In ode to my mum and her fantastic, earthy taste... enjoy.