Tevas: A Photographic Style Guide

When summer rolls around I am no stranger to the, "What the hell are those" when I roll up in my worn down, teal tevas. I kind of wear them with anything, so I guess I can understand the strange looks thing.  But I also too often get yelled at or kicked out of places, or worse, the kindly grocery store attendant who "just wants to let me know that if something happens they are not liable", and to warn me there might be glass, when I'm barefoot-- I guess you just can't please everyone.

All that to say I will likely never stop trying to bring these suckers into some sort of fashionable light-- but lucky for me (or you I guess, if we're out in public together) I found some sweet ways to style these bad boys! Even better news? Apparently I can wear them with socks! can't. wait.


bonus round: yup. dudes. too.