The Hardships Of The Wild :

so here is this explosion in my chest
this swirling of emotion
this cry of the wild that is kept impounded by the dictator named society
and just for the sake of ‘normalcy’,
for the sake of comfort,
and not of myself but for those around me

you know, the truth is inside were all burning
we’re yearning for this thing,
this beast to be released
for this heart to run free in the chill of the night
for the rush of the hunt
for the catch of our breath as we plummet from rocky peaks

we’re dying inside
all chains and shackles
thinking that if only once in a while we allow ourselves an anorexic portion of what is the thrill of our existence we’ll survive.

but that is not survival
that’s the screenplay romance (all bullshit and roses) of society vs. our soul cry
and we listen
because that thing inside us is the core of our uncertainty,
the crux of our compulsion for all things beautiful
(and therefore dangerous)

we suffocate the creature
for out of its mouth comes the hardships of the wild:


a life without backup plans.

the opportunity of failure.

but therein lies
the death
of our true nature.