Thank you for being everything you were created to be and nothing they ever thought you would be.


Can I share with you a secret of mine? I am a creative explosion. And I know  some of you are thinking, "ah, that's cool", but seriously... It doesn't feel cool. It feels...unstable.

Welcome to the life.

but it's deeper, too, isn't it? it goes far beyond the word creativity itself. It's a longing to try to capture the little glimpses of beauty and life, abundance and glory we stumble upon in our day-to-day. It's something that you know was birthed in the very core of who you were before your eyes were even opened to the light of this world.

I know you know what I'm talking about. Yes you. and If you are thinking to yourself, "Shes crazy" - one. you're probably correct, and two. It's cool.. so was Albert Einstein - I digress.. Just think about the way the smell of wood burning in the air of fall (seriously! what is it about this smell that makes me feel infinite?) makes you feel, or the sound the rain makes outside your window. that's it. that's what I'm talking about. It's alive inside of each of us. I would even venture to say it connects us.

So here's to all you artistic souls out there; to all you who inspire and breathe the intensity that is the creative explosion, expression and articulation of your soul.

To you who stand at the edge of the world and look out, carrying dreams and belief enough for the rest of us.

to all you who have a hell of a time focusing on one thing or one direction. to all of you who have been labeled ADHD, ADD or undisciplined. To all of you who can't help but document the beautiful things you see, hear, touch, feel, smell and taste.

To you whose senses are heightened and whose minds are a crazy pot of spaghetti noodles.

To you who cannot stay because the desire to go is so strong. To you who feel the urge to fly. To you who believe in magic. To you who want to see color rage through your streets.

To you who believe in a better world. To you who hope for humanity.

To you who give everything for those around you. and to you, who stops to listen...

Because, in the end our art reflects those things in us.

So thank you. Thank you for taking bold steps forward when nothing makes sense and everything feels unsteady.

Thank you for being everything you were created to be and nothing they ever thought you would be.