what is ahead

Here I stand. Looking forward, as if through a portal, all ripply and reflective, to this season ahead of me.

In 17 days I will be back on a plane to Kona. Headed back into beautiful community. It doesn't feel real, I know that for sure. Life became fresh anew the day my father and I loaded my boxes up and headed to the country. It's frigid here. But the cold speaks a different tune, as well. revived. rested. alive. I've wanted to do nothing but lay in bed today, all the while bursting with inspiration. I managed to pull myself from my sea of white for a couple hours. Enough time to go for a run, shoot a new photo and spend some time with a friend. It was the perfect stretch, and now, here I am, back in the depths of down.

In 17 days I will be back on a plane to Kona. Wow. I have so many questions that I am in no hurry to discover the answer to: Where will I be in the world in 8 months? What is God going to start in me? Who are the hearts I will grow to love? What stories will I find on the streets? How deep will I find myself? I say I'm in no hurry because.. there is Life between now and then. I want to live in the time that Is given me. I want to journey and discover and.. most of all I want to learn to take my time.

I have had one verse on my mind for the last week or so: 1 Thess 5:24 The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.

This just breathes life into my veins. The one who calls me is faithful, and he will do it. He will do it.