catch a glimpse.

this existence is so full of love&occasionally through the rain on her glasses she'll catch a glimpse&she'll thank him for his warm conversation and kindness&melt into colors that change the world. I am constantly blown away by the kindness of humanity. The kindness of the human heart. Living on a base with 900+ people and a crazy schedule can be draining. Tonight I was privileged to sneak away to a quiet place, off campus, and enjoy the ebb and flow of life. As I drove my friends moped I couldn't help but laugh at the reality of the moment- raincoat zipped up to my chin, soaked, rolling along at a steady 20 mph for safety in the rain - "what is this life?" I ventured aloud. "what is this life that I live?" I am constantly blown away by what I am called to, the places it takes me, the things I learn and the hearts I encounter.

Armed with a highlighter, a plethora of papers, my journal, a bible and a warm drink I settled into my chair. An hour later my warm drink was gone, my mind drowning in Truth, when he approached. He didn't say much - perhaps because my earphones were in at this point - but smiled, leaned down and placed a treat in front of me. I thanked him, he nodded and returned to his duties. Several times in the next hour he would drop a little conversation here or there, ask if he could refresh my drink or if I'd like water. He was drenched in hospitality, and dripping all over me.

It warmed my soul. I am so thankful for the kindness that rests in the hearts of people.

It was a simple gesture - something to make me feel welcome. Wanted. Enjoyed. Something that said, I love that you are here on this day, at this time and I would love it if you returned again another time.

Warmth like that melts me into a million vibrant colors in which I can paint the world.