Community Transformation!? OH YEAH!

OOH MY GOODNESS! so crazy times man, crazy times! I don't even know what to say! Sooo Awesome! This video pretty much sums it up! Check it: [youtube=]

Alright, now for the update! This is just to catch you all up and share whats been going on in my life and the places that I am called to!

For the last two semesters I have been going to school at Sacramento City College studying photography & graphic communications, and while I have enjoyed my time there, when summer came around I was itching for adventure. I remembered what my friend had shared about his experience with Mission Builders and in a round about sort of way (after months of prayer and nerves) God confirmed that this is where he wanted me to spend my summer.

My experience with Mission Builders (YWAM) was incredible. Through my time with them I began to see and experience God in ways I didn’t know were possible! I began to dig into the depths of his heart and experience the unguarded, abandoned and radical ways in which he moves! He began huge works in my heart and asked me to take huge leaps of faith, promising that I would not fall. During my stay with Mission Builders I felt God calling me to something more. Something Bigger.  DTS.

Up until that moment I hadn’t even thought of doing a DTS (not since I was 15 years old), and I certainly wasn’t thinking I’d be doing it this soon, but through some serious prayer, confirmation and action I have been led to uproot my plans and serve in a Community Transformation DTS (discipleship training school)!

The DTS I’m joining is focused on bringing God’s heart and dreams for this world to life! It is designed to equip and launch a generation of young people into the nations with hearts burning with his love, with an expectancy to see lives transformed and with the knowledge that God wants to heal the lands and hearts (2 chron. 7:14) we only need to press into him.

Through this DTS not only will I be getting to know God on a deeper and more personal level, but it’s an incredible opportunity to share the things that I’m learning and experiencing and help meet the physical and spiritual needs of my outreach location. It’s a “GO” to walk and live actively in the Great Commission (matt 28:18).

In saying that, I would totally appreciate your prayer cover! I’d like to specifically ask for prayer that pertains to hearing God’s voice and for refinement for my team and myself – and just an ever-growing abandoned and reckless walk with Jesus.  Prayer is the fuel that will allow this time to be fruitful. I appreciate your support!

In addition to prayer I am also raising financial support for my DTS.  If you are prayerfully led to partner with me in this school and mission I’ve added some information below with the specific information about how to contribute. As of now my school fees are approximately $5000 and my outreach fee’s are the same, and the best part about it all is we already know God is faithful to provide!

Yess! Thanks for taking the time to read all that! & in advance for the prayers and support!

Just an exciting Fact: I am an open heaven and with the spirit of the living God in me comes encounter, because wherever I go, Jesus goes (matt 28:20).

Right on! So here is the information in the case that you are looking to partner with me financially and to keep you in touch and updated! & Thank you! So So Much!

The Easiest Way to Give: Short on time? give online! Fill In: Name: Taren Maroun Email: DOB: Sep 5, 1989 School: DTS community transformation start date: Sep 2010 Make Donation toward Student Tuition

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