dear novel me,

letters Today I received and email from postmarked January 2, 1012 and enclosed was this letter.

dear novel me, I just want to make note of the things you thought were important when you wrote this letter. Things like: How thankful you are for the beautiful people in your life, how important you think it is to tell people the height and depth to which you love them.. every chance you get. How you want to honor people and love authentically.

Your agenda for the year of 2012 was to Live and Love with no agenda. To find refuge in the One. To seek his face. To trust in His plans, to wait on His word and to find your dreams.

How did that all work out for you?

Remember that you are an inspired one. You are a special and hand crafted being. You are wild. You are Free. And your freedom is irrevocable.

You are His.

Remember to voice your thankfulness at all times because it destroys opposition and a whiners spirit. Remember your blessings and live on those, not on the downfalls.

I know it hurts, and I know the loss is still there.. but remember their smiles and beauty and cling to the gift of eternity.

Remember & Rejoice. Be Free. Your Past Me.

Today I am thankful for the little things, little reminders and glimpses into my journey. be wild - be free, current me.