Devastation & Support:

So here is the deal. Our plans have shifted a bit. Instead of heading straight to Mozambique our team is now headed to South Africa for three weeks and then off to Mozambique. The decision to spend some time in Cape Town has been made super clear by the Lord and we are all super excited! Recent devastation (last Sunday) in the township of Masiphumelele, two fires which have wiped out 25% of the housing, has also drawn our hearts to the people of Cape Town. We are super blessed in being able to come alongside out South Africa team and serve them in the what they are doing there. We are just 10 more hands to help bless the people of Masi.

Along with these developments comes a need for more financial support (and continued prayer). Seeing as how our team wasn't planning on spending time in South Africa we weren't prepared to raise funds for this extra opportunity, but cling to the promise of the Lord. Our team is looking to raise $7000 which will go towards our flights and ministry. Our hearts are expectant for what the Lord wants to do in the midst of devastation and in the hearts of the people of Masi.


If you have any questions or would like further information, please email me at marount_[at] Please also email me if you are interested in receiving updates as to where our team is, how to pray and what the Lord is doing. Blessings!