I've been meaning to update my blog now for some time but every time I sit down to write or plan on a time I find myself avoiding it or becoming purposefully distracted. I'm not on any crazy adventure at the moment (unless you consider home life with a bunch of crazy arabs an adventure - I consider it typical) and so I find it hard to sit down and write with purpose. But fear not. I actually do have a topic for this little post, something that struck me and has been something I've thought a lot about since being home. Identity.

While sitting in a stadium of approximately 4000 Jr. High and High School aged teens it occurred to me what this generation is lacking and what it was I found in Africa. Identity. I mean that's what life is about for most of us, right? Who we are. Where we stand. What we place value in - but more often than not, us in correlation to the world. Not just who are we but who are we to them? Since finding Jesus I've known known where my identity was but I can't say I really knew what it was. My identity is in Jesus. Yes, sure.. but what does that mean? Who does he say I am? Yes. I'm beautiful. I'm worthy. but it's so much deeper than that and it took me going all the way to Africa to realize.

It's interesting how life is a personalized journey. Some people learn best in a slow paced environment while others learn best at a quickened pace. Some people can live in one town their whole lives and walk out their destiny while others (namely myself) go on excursions to the ends of the world to learn simple yet profound truths. It took me going all the way to the furthest corner of the world (New Zealand) to learn that when everything and everyone else fades away Papa will never leave my side. And it took me going to Africa to realize that life with Jesus is not a one way street.

He is actually in love with me. Like so in love with me that he speaks to me and walks with me and provides for me. He calls me his daughter but more than that he has called me. He chose me and in that lies my identity. I am not wandering this earth searching anymore. He chose me and has a plan for me.

Identity is so key. Knowing the truth about who you are in Christ is SO key. So key in fact that I believe it IS the key. When satan took Jesus out into the desert to tempt him in matthew 4 the first thing he does is attack his identity: "“If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Jesus is so solid in his identity that he doesn't even think to respond to that part of the devils statement. He quotes scripture concerning the temptation and moves on.

We put our identity in so many things aside from God. We give our identity daily to idols and other worthless crap. We place our identity in boyfriends/girlfriends, status, work, friends and even our art - sometimes we don't even realize. It's KEY to remind ourselves every day where our identity is found and what He says about us so that when someone challenges it we can stand firm in the Truth.

My identity is found in the relationship I have with Jesus Christ - and I realized in a stadium full of 4000 Jr. High and High School teens that it wasn't in loving Him that I found it, but in Being in love with Him.

He loves me too. Shakka Baba.