oh, Africa.

Today is the day that I get on a plane Africa Bound. It may be t minus three months till bon-fires in my side yard, horse kisses & adventures with my crew - but there is LIFE between now and then. Our team will be headed for South Africa looking to serve the team that is arriving there in two days. We are going to be spending three weeks there working in the township and enjoying community before our team of 10 packs up and heads to Mozambique. The future is abstract - which in my opinion is one of the more exciting things about life with Jesus (while partially frustrating when trying to explain, evolve or give details to other people). The outline is solid, but the details are blurry. I can't wait to see who we will meet upon arriving in Pemba (after our 5 day bus ride! GLORY).

Jesus is so faithful to do work in us. We are David and his Mighty Men. We don't always have it together but we are beautiful and strong. We fight with passion and courage. We might not always get things right, but there is grace. I think people have lost the eyes for simplicity and truth. The men in the bible were not perfect. They did not walk perfect lives, they were no one special, yet Jesus chose them. They jumped the gun, doubted and fought amongst one another and yet their lives bore much fruit and are an example to us. Let's not forget the humanity of those in the bible. They were us, and we are them - and yet we are further equip than them. How beautiful was Jesus?! that he would use examples to teach us. See it for what it is! flawed people brought into relationship with an extraordinary God and asked to be a part of his eternal story.

Jesus is so good. oh my gooodnesss. I am in love.