Merry Christmas to you all! and considering I'll be on a layover in Germany, likely without internet, Happy New Year as well! I've been pondering what to write about for the last couple days and have come to no conclusion. Sometimes I think that if you just start writing, or start painting or start singing (whatever the block you face) the words will start to pour out. You give a little work to get the grit out of the pipes and the floodgates bust open.

As I write on the eve of Christmas I can't help but feel a pull towards home. I miss you all, back there in California, but I know that what God is doing and has done in me in the last few months is well worth it - although I'm not quite sure how to express all he's done. There are plenty of unfinished blogs and journal entries to attest to that.

The best way, I think, to sum up the last three months is Freedom. I am now walking in complete Freedom. I capitalize the word Freedom as I would capitalize the word Love, because Freedom is a person. Freedom is Jesus Christ. I've been blasted with so much truth that the lies and crap of the world couldn't hold on if it wanted to. I've walked through forgiveness, repentance and received absolute Freedom in return.  Life with Jesus is a win win. I no longer carry crap that wasn't mine to bear in the first place and instead receive Life.Life and Life abundant.

I've had the blessing of watching heaps of people be freed up of things that bound them most of their life. Pornography. Drugs. Lust.. etc. "We have to be violent in overcoming sin". We've stepped up to the plate and driven it home. We are no longer captive to the lies of the enemy. He doesn't have any authority anymore anyways, we just have to stop agreeing with him. You are Beautiful. You are made for great things. or as Jake says, "You are royalty. You have destiny. You have been set free. You're gunna shape history". You will change the world.

Here is a quote that really challenged me: "I'll build the church, you bring the kingdom" - (paraphrase of Jesus) by Chris Volitare It's not our job to bring the people. It's not our job to gather them, either. Matt 13:44 the parable of the treasure in the field. The treasure (the kingdom) doesn't do anything but be treasure. You don't have to convince people that the treasure is worth it, because everyone knows treasure is. The more you insist on convincing people the treasure is worth it, the more people doubt it. The treasure didn't chase the man down either. It started put and let the man come to it - it didn't tell the man it was treasure when he found it either. The man made the decision on his own to go sell everything he had and buy the field with the treasure. Stop force feeding the kingdom. Let the Kingdom speak for itself. And on that same note, you will never know how bright you shine till you take it to the darkness. You are not made to live in church. You are made to live in a community of 'church' (the body), and go out. If there is no outpouring of the church it's pointless. We're past the sin issue. Sin in no longer the problem, Jesus took care of that. You weren't just saved from something. You were saved FOR something. Bring the Kingdom.

das;lkdlskdfj. There is just so much. Either way, I think you get the point.

Jesus has changed my life.