Completing the cycle: The power in asking and what must follow.

My dad has always said, "closed mouths don't get fed". Younger me completely resented that statement, mostly due to my secret fear of rejection. But the older I get the more I resonate with the majority of the lessons my dad did his best to instill in me at a young age, especially that one.

I grew up in a reality that said, "No matter what you do, you can not control life. You are a victim to the circumstances surrounding you". And whether good or bad I believed it. Because of that, younger me lived in this idea that all things would come to me (or be taken from me) if they were meant to. That was that and there was no room for discussion. I still believe that is true in some ways, but I also now believe in action. I no longer buy into the lie that it is fruitless to try.

I would be lying if I said I don't still struggle with the victim mentality in certain situations. And being that my belief system is based on the unshakable foundation of an infinite God, who has a vision for this existence which is much bigger than own limited perspective, I sometimes feel thrown for a loop in understanding the the fluid power of my dreams (belief), my focus (faith in the reality of those dreams), and my ask (aka. action). But even outside of complete understanding I think the two work hand in hand, though that is another discussion entirely. 

Right now I want to talk about the power in asking.

We are creative beings. Ones whose power rides the currents of our words. Asking is a creative act that draws from the inexhaustible storehouse of time and space and builds a doorway of new opportunity. It's an invitation; the joining together in a new reality, one that previously did not exist. And as with any creative act, the longevity of it's affect is dependent on the intention that drives it.

The voice of the ages is quite clear in it's teaching of cycles and seasons. Energy comes in and energy goes out. Can you imagine a world where the tide came in and never went out? Where the trees shed their crowns and never bud again? Where the phoenix gave way to rebirth but rebirth never came? Life would cease to continue. The same goes for asking, and "collaboration".

Here too is the conversation of rejection; the "no"'s, and resounding silence that echoes out from our asking. To that I'd say it's all about perspective. There is no lack of opportunity in this life. You may have to wait, or move, or expand your ideas a little bit more, but what does it matter if a created door is closed on us when we have the ability to turn around and construct another?   The follow up to my father saying, "Closed mouths don't get fed" was usually, "The worst they can say is no" and I think there is a such a beautiful simplicity in that. What do we actually have to fear?

Asking is beautiful and powerful. And power has the ability to both empower, heal-- and wound.  In a world of self, where perceived growth is often at the expense of another, I encourage you to live in an awareness of your motives. Are you asking with the intention of gaining to give (and give back)? Because it's there, and only there, that you complete the cycle.

So what do you dream of doing? Learning? Creating?  Who can you ask to learn from and create with? Who and how can you join with someone else to paint this world a bit more beautiful for everyone? And what can you give back to that person to complete the cycle? Let it cost you something, for therein lies the magic. 

It's in that place that you will find yourself walking in the midst of your dreams, should you be brave enough to simply ask.

image by: @intotheworld