)(( out here, in this moment

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Old, worn blue and grey nike's meet old, worn, greyed out gravel. I opted to leave all connections behind, both electronically and mentally as breath met lungs. the long and familiar road stretched out before me; stretched out before my unused muscles.

I wanted to experience this moment in all of it's agonizing glory. I wanted to hear my chest cry hoarsely for oxygen. I wanted to feel the burn and ache as my legs reached far before me and ate up the distance. I wanted to choose to keep going when I felt that I might crumple.

Silence has sound in these far country reaches: the song of crickets and moths. The clip of cloven hooves over decaying pavement, of predators wings shuffling in nearby trees. The sunshine has language, the afternoon breeze whispers secrets and I am swayed.

Above me the stars are cast far and wide in a dazzling splash of midnight shimmer. Perspective settles on me as I burn and ache and cry at the mercy of my third mile.

Today I exist here, in these winding, warm country roads. I breathe deep here in these cool, dark, symphonic nights.

Today the smiles and laughter and connection was and is enough. and I will take on tomorrow when it comes.