well guys, I'm officially screwed

tumblr_mj801oL8Oh1rneriio1_500those of you book lovers out there may be able to sympathize with me when I say that books and a nomadic-missionary-lifestyle don't exactly mesh well (not that I give into that, says my 7 new books in the last 2 months). my nomadic heart is all over the place, seriously, with strings tethered on all continents, and that makes it very difficult for me to own books - and yes I realize I could just succumb to the madness that is kindle, but a very firm no-thank you will find you should you ever suggest it. I prefer to touch, smell and live my books. Besides, Bookshelves. Can't fill a bookshelf with a kindle, but I digress.

The point is guys, I found something that will be my downfall, I'm sure of it. http://www.bookdepository.com/ Free shipping worldwide... NUH UH. Yes please!

This bit of glory is right at the top of the list - right next to the used bookstore in industrial (I can not get enough of this place.. I could live in there, honestly.) - and I just thought I'd share. Someday I will be more permanently planted, perhaps, with numerous bookshelves to home my collection of beautiful bindings, but until then I'll continue giving into my weakness....and continue procrastinating the plan on how I'm going to move all these beauties to my next location.