4 Things I learned On The Open Road

In my experience, there are two types of people: the ones who are content staying within the confines of what they know, and the ones who, under the layers of whatever is holding them back, yearn to explore the great unknown.

I believe that within each of us is a curiosity and longing for adventure. Perhaps, too, there is a percentage of us that are created for more permanent roots: the builders, the tillers, those who sacrifice themselves on the altar of our futures. And we, as dreamers and wanderers, owe them a great debt of gratitude. Without them we would find no communities to interlude in on our journeys.

That being said, I think that even if you are one who feels more prone to permanent roots there is something out there that each one of us needs to learn; a gift hidden in the wilds of the world. I am a firm believer in, "Get out, explore; encounter culture and people so unlike yourself and if after all of that your home or permanence still calls to you, then by all means take that gift of experience and use it to better love where you are at (and the people therein)." 

Shout-out to my girl Chelsea Abril who, being a wild-one herself, helped me pull together these thoughts.

Here are FOUR things i learned
on the open road

Home will always be there waiting for you. Even if it was a cage when you left, it can love you when you return.

I can promise you that you will never "go" and return the same. More often than not we leave home and our understanding of things outside of ourselves is small, our perspective narrow and self-centered (making the monotony feel like a cage). Out there, there will always be the opportunity for growth, and in that growth gratitude.


It's okay to feel alone. Lean into that, embrace it, and then allow yourself to love and be loved in return.

It happens to all of us. Even the extroverts. The overwhelming sense of awareness can sometimes make us feel very small. Take heart, there is an entire beautiful world ready to welcome you, test you and expand you. Lean into the feeling of self, allow it, and then do the best thing there is to do: love someone else. Pay it forward, and then be ready to accept the love that will come rushing back to you.


Everything always works out.

Shit will hit the fan. Period. Cars will break, money will run out, people will bail, it will rain, your luggage will be lost, flights will be delayed and you will lose stuff, usually important stuff... but I promise you, it will always work out. New people will show up for you, new adventures will present themselves, there is always another taxi, a poncho, and another flight. Look for the positive, and learn to laugh. Nothing is better than coming home with a story about how your car broke down on the way to the airport, you decided to walk, the wheel broke on your luggage, it started to pour and then you missed your flight...BUT the lady next to you in the airport offered you her jacket and turned out to be amazing human with an equally amazing story.


Wherever you go, there you are.

This is not easy. Life will always continue where you are not and sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow, but trust that your journey and where you are in that moment is the best place you could possibly be. Let the life and vibrancy of the people around you fuel you into a place of gratitude and wonder. Breathe deep the moment because there will never be another like it.


For those of you who feel the hum of adventure just beneath the surface, take these few truths, truths that were hidden everywhere from in the monsoon rains and kind hearts of Cambodia, to the humid peace of Bali to the wide open interstates of California, and allow yourself a moment of bravery.

You can go, and trust us, you will be better for it.