Travel Like a Champ in 2017

The New Year is upon us and what better way to gear up (literally) for your 2017 adventures than a couple of gear tips and travel tricks?

While there are a million different ways to travel, and you’ll to find your own, I wanted to share a few of the things I’ve learned over the years.

In short, I like to keep it simple: give me a backpack, gear to document, a direction and I'm gone. So, if you’re anything like me - or looking to see things in a new way - give these tips a shot!

Disclaimer: I feel pretty lucky to be able to do what I do and while this is probably going to feel like an REI sponsored post (and believe me I wish it was, haha.. ) I promise I'm just a girl.. who loves her gear, yall. And I want you to love yours too!

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears.
-Cesare Pavese

PRO-TIP: click the headers for specifics on the gear I mentioned and where to buy!


The Backpack

Although there are a million options for travel bags, I'm partial to backpacks. Having gone through several different hiking backpacks over the years I'd say my biggest suggestion is to find one that has a front flap that allows you to access your things easily and efficiently. I've done the top load bags twice over and I confidently say it's no bueno.

The Day-pack

A good day pack is essential. I'm also of the mind to be prepared for anything so I need to be able to fit a book, my laptop, a journal, my wallet and chapstick comfortably (my Tumbuk2 bag fit all of that and my huge Polaroid camera comfortably!) I'm also a fan of the messenger style, zippers in to keep my things from prying fingers, and able to be tightened up if I’m moving fast or on a bike!

the bathroom bag

The thing I love most about my REI Shower Kit is that it has the large pack which can go in your checked bag, is hang-able and has a plethora of pouches AND a smaller bag which I like to use for my carry on bathroom items (under 3oz!): toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts, solution, tweezers, floss, lotion and anything else one might need to stay fresh on your flight.

The Packing Cube

Packing cubes are God’s gift to mankind. For those of you who can never find what you need, these will solve your problem. And for those of you who likes things to stay neat and tidy and in their proper place.. well, you’re welcome in advance. I have one for underwear and socks, one for jeans and one for shirts! easy peasy (and remember, “roll, roll, roll” - see right)


pack like a pro

Just The essentials

This is my favorite way to travel. Light and straightforward. I like to be able to pick up and change cities on a whim, or run through the train station to catch my connecting just in the nick of time (just kidding, no one likes that. at least not with luggage.) The point is if you can go with little, go with little. It'll change the way you see travel, and in turn the world.
Pro-Tip: consider mix and matching your outfits for maximum use.

roll, roll, roll

This is a travelers secret..or maybe not, but I like to think it is. When you are packing instead of folding your shirts and jeans and trying to fit them all, give rolling them a go! Fold them like normal and then from side to side roll them into a sausage shape. You’ll be surprised how much extra space you’ll have!

think ahead

This is crucial, especially if you are flying. Think about the things you are going to need/want access to while you are going through security, and when in your seat: your ID and passport; your book, your gum, your sweater, phone charger, laptop etc, make sure they are in a bag that stays on you (and under the seat)! 
Pro-Tip: Buy water in the airport. You're going to want this on your flight.



If you have any tips or tricks I'd love to hear them! Just drop a comment.