All this talk of Gods and Goddesses:

tumblr_mxpue2r6Wh1renu7bo1_500 If there is one thing I have come face to face with recently it's that we are smack dabbed in the middle of a seekers generation. Men and women alike are searching the stars, the earth and inside themselves as they recognize they are lacking.

Lately I've found myself drawn to more spirit focused blogs and writings, and It's been particularly interesting reading the endless supply of information concerning gods and goddesses. Littering the web are pinterest boards collecting images of said deities, blog posts outlining messages from them and items for their alters, and while reading a post focused on a 'goddess of magical thinking' It was blatantly obvious to me how hungry people are for more than the physical.

I touched on this a bit a couple of weeks ago but again, tonight, it was clear. There is a shift happening from understanding being purely physical and tangible to a recognition that our spirits are thirsty.

We want to believe in the supernatural. We want to believe in magic.

"We" as the church have been told no. it's not real, or it's only experienced this way, or that way - but nothing in between. "We" as Americans have been told it's childish and immature, something to be left in fantasy novels, that it won't get us any closer to the American Dream or Success.

And so we die slowly. But a movement has erupted from the thirsty cry of our souls, and we've exploded into our world with grasping hands and open hearts..

And the gods and goddesses have been waiting. They've been biding their time in the pages of children's books and long forgotten lore and have begun their slow emergence into the interwebs, quietly settling upon our skin, seeping us in their would-be satiating inspiration and promises.

But it's a sugar high. A caffeine pound, and we're all gunna crash if we keep stuffing ourselves full of the emptiness of their fake magic.

Look. I believe in magic. I believe that dragons and centaurs and fairies are real. I believe in the strength of the wind as it sings across untouched treetops, I believe in the quiet dance of light reflecting in the dew ofmorning, and I believe that inside of us is designed a special and specific place, that even with every god and goddess of today and all those past, we cannot fill but with the wild, untamable Holy Spirit.

I also believe that if we, as the church, as those who know this wild spirit personally don't let loose his magical touch, his unique and special gifts, his personal and intimate messages we are going to lose an entire generation to some plastic statues that will fade into the dust from which they were born.