There is a song within us;

It's half past midnight, now, and I lay here in this warm May night, illuminated by the dimmed screen of my aging laptop; thoughts of the future race through my mind; thoughts of family, of relationships, or work and dreams. Tonight I am reminded to be simply. me. simply.

To write in the rythem of my emotion. To match breath with the beating of my excited heart. To exist and dance and float on the currents of destiny.

Tonight I am reminded of the song that is within me. Within you.

I am reminded that from midnight skies, to ripple marred calm waters we are created to exist in our inherent, beautiful, wild, free, unhindered forms. We are created to breathe deep. To sit in stillness, to dance in ecstasy.

We are created for pleasure, in it's truest form. In purity.

So tonight, with the sounds of Los Angeles drifting through my sleeping space, I find peace and rest in being exactly who I am meant to be. I find in myself the ability to let go, to let God, to close my eyes, to leap, to trust, to fall, to fail, and to simply be. me. simply.

Everything else can wait. Tonight I am still.