Unexplored Valleys

May 2, 2014

It is here, in these unexplored valleys that we find ourselves.
Amongst this early morning mist and dew soaked foliage, we unwind ourselves.

It is here in these terrifying depths that we drown ourselves,
if only to remember the times that we were found, ourselves.

For it is here in these wild and unmapped regions that we lose ourselves
- to the reckless nature of our beating hearts, and endless imaginations -
if only so that, stripped bare, we can say we choose, ourselves.

For choice is what makes love potent,
in those moments when you want no part of what it looks like to get dirty,
to carry the weight of what you might feel unworthy,

but here it is: Love is worth it.

For in it, it is here,
that we find ourselves.