Don't be an Asshole: 5 Steps to Better Business Relations

I have never understood the concept of "problem staring". I don't know if that is actually a thing, but for the remainder of this post we are going to pretend it is. Problem staring is when someone is confronted with a problem and instead of acknowledging it and then looking for a solution, they get their feathers ruffled, pace, foam at the mouth and then like an idiot try and beat the problem up.

I love you guys enough to tell you now, that you won't get your lunch money back by focusing on the problem. You wanna make a fool of that beast? Focus on finding the solution to the problem- and furthermore, a solution where everybody wins! That's where the foundation for change begins.

I write all of this standing in the midst of learning for what will someday be my own business (or two, or three). I've recently watched competition between businesses turn nasty. I've seen people deal low blows, shit talk, lose friends and resent customers. None of those things grow us but rather create a cycle of negativity, producing deep fissures in the foundations of our dreams and the community in which it's been built. I understand the idea of wanting to be the best that we can be, what irks me, though, is this kill-or-be-killed competitive spirit that lingers in the shadows of our good intentions.

I'm a firm believer in the 'we are in this together' mentality, and that the solution to the destructive negativity is simple. Let's all vow to follow this one rule, and the world will be a better place for sure.

Simply, "Don't be an asshole".

Here are a few ways to avoid being an asshole when it comes to startups, growth and change in your business (as it relates to other business/brands):


Would you want someone to do what you're about to do to you? Is what your doing a benefit to your community, your business and or your customers/audience? Are you being truthful in your actions and origins?


Most issues and complications can be cleared up and resolved with simple communication. Don't be mean, don't react-- be honest and be kind.


If you want change you have to be willing to change as well. Sometimes compromise is the only way forward, and beautiful things often come from that place so stay open!


Being genuinely excited about someone else' growth and success creates new pathways to your own.


How can you partner with the already established businesses to create something new? Something mutually beneficial?

It should be noted that some people are selfish, and being an asshole is easier, so in the case that you can't figure out a way to benefit one another at the very least allow the competition to drive you to bigger and better places. Focus on positive growth, don't allow their inclination to assholery ruin you. If we put to use the talents that make us good business owners in the first place, innovation, creativity and originality, I'm confidant we can come up with engaging and fun ways to work with one another so that everybody wins.


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