Whole-Roasted Carrots

I am a huge fan of simplicity, so it's no shock that this recipe (of which there really is none) is one of my favorites. I'm telling you, there is something special about bitting into these; with their sweet, crunchy exterior with a soft, rich inside. PRO TIP: Let them cool! I know how hard that can be. Trust me. I ate two whole carrots "testing".

These guys take so little work! Just prep your pan (a little coconut oil, or no-stick spray or a silpat) and pop these babies in at 375 for 35/40 minutes. The best part is.. they self-caramelize!

Enjoy with a homemade dipping sauce/vinaigrette, or plain! You can dress em up, or dress em down. Next time I'm going to add some rosemary and thyme!