A Simple Seasonal Omelette

today i am moody and deeply content.
life feels bigger as i stand quiet in my kitchen.
outside the rain continues to fall, creating a sense of warm seclusion.
fire pops and crackles in the hearth and for a moment that is all there is.
life, unhindered.
wild. like these mushrooms.
this is home.

Growing up we had a garden and chickens on our property. It's no wonder I have an affinity for healthy, happy, homegrown goods; be it eggs, veggies, fruits or otherwise I believe in good fuel for our bodies. So when I popped to the store the other day and happened upon a bunch of wild foraged mushrooms I didn't think twice before throwing the lot of them in my basket. Truth is, I'm a sucker for the seasonal treats, and mama loves mushrooms!

Mama also love omelettes. Honestly, I think I eat one almost every day, if not multiple times a day. I love the simplicity of them, and that they pack a nutrient punch! Protein, vitamins, minerals, macros, it's all there for you in one quick and easy getup. And what better way to stave off this cold weather than packing your omelettes full of warm, seasonal goodness?

I feel that I should also mention I'm not the most exciting cook in the kitchen. I kind of make it up as I go, I'm not certified and I very rarely use spices. I know. Dolt. But hey, I figure I can't be the only one out there who enjoys a quick meal, filled with simplicity. If that's you, perfect. Here are some super simple basics for a easy any-time meal (feel free to ignore all of this and do your own thing, what could go wrong?):



> 4 large (ethically sound) egg whites
> 1/2 Avocado
> 4 or 5 good sized chanterelles mushrooms
> Sprig of rosemary
> Enough purple onion for your happiness (not pictured)
> Three cloves of garlic
> Bit of coconut/olive oil (I don't mind the coconut flavor, so...)
> salt and pepper to taste (if you're into that)

method to the madness

> Heat your pan and add a bit of your oil of preference. Swirl that shit around and make sure you cover all of the pan, we don't want anything sticking. Mostly because you can't flip your omelette and impress anyone if it's stuck to the pan. Don't trip though if it turns into a scramble, It's fine. This is a recipe for one anyways, who's to impress.
> Separate out four large egg whites from their yolks and set aside. pro tip: If you're keen to re-purpose your yolks perhaps consider a hair mask, or some mayonnaise (again, if you're into that. weird.) also, feel free to salt and pepper your heart out if you so desire. If you are a spice-nut be sure to whisk your whites before you cook em. Just trust me on that.
> If you like onions drop your chopped purples into the pan now, with plenty of oil, and caramelize those puppies. Once soft proceed. If you don't like onions...just proceed.
> Shred your mushrooms into the pan (add the rosemary and garlic) and push them around until they are soft. In the off chance that you are actually using Chanterelles don't freak out about all the moisture they release. just let it simmer off, or if you're impatient like me strain the moisture into the sink, and keep going.
> In a separate pan heat some oil, drop your whites in and make your omelette base.
> I'm going to assume you know how to assemble an omelette. If not, Google your heart out.

ENJOY!  <3