a night of exploration + rejuvenation brought to you by wildfolk + the eternal child

photography valerie noell @theeternalchild.com

photography valerie noell @theeternalchild.com


Visualizing what you want for your future, both in the big and the small, is important. Life has a tendency to get busy, to lead us down a million different roads, all of which can be good. We believe it is essential to set up mile markers and goal posts to sustain the vision for our lives.

FOR THOSE WHO DREAM: A Workshop   is set up for you to spend an evening revisiting and refocusing your passions. The outcome? A "Dream Journal" that is chalk full of inspiration and specifics for those days when you just can't quite remember what it is you are aiming for in your life. The pages are filled with the things we are passionate about and the dreams which put those passions into play. Do you dream of owning your own business? Your own home? Do you dream of having a family? Traveling the world? Perfect. Come spend an evening connecting with other awesome-folk, rest, eat and allow all those beautiful little sparks within you to ignite, propelling you forward into your future.


We've officially wrapped our very first workshop and we already in the works for the next! We had such a great time both with those who joined and those who made it possible (sarasiegelproductions.com + theeternalchild.com). If you are interested in being a part of the next workshop please pop your information into the form below and we will be sure to let you know the details!